Posted by: nwracing | July 24, 2017

Dragstalgia 2017 – They say its all over… it is now!

As I write this blog I realise that I have missed reporting on the results from the previous two race meetings, Spring Nationals May 27 – 29 and Nostalgia Nationals June 24-25. So for completeness, here is a quick precis.

The Spring Nationals at Shakey showed us moving forward again with the motor and we were heading towards our best normally aspirated time of 9.30 but I was still not completely happy and was looking forward to the Sunday. Unfortunately, a family bereavement meant that I made the decision to leave.

The Nostalgia Nationals was our next attempt to get back to our best. After a couple of clean normally aspirated runs the decision was taken to switch the NOS back on. However in my haste to get to the track I had forgotten the fly leads for the bottle heater which meant we would have to run with a lower than ideal bottle pressure. That being said we managed an 8.8, two 8.6’s and then on our final run we ran a personal best of 8.62 at 150.00mph! This whetted our appetites for the next meeting, my favourite of the year, Dragstalgia at Santa Pod.

We had the option to run on the Friday but my superstitious nature kicked in as we had broken the diff on the same day the year before. So I decided we would take the opportunity to completely clean the car, something I haven’t done for a while. Much to amusement of some of my fellow racers!

Saturday morning arrived and although it was overcast we were called to the pairing lanes. Sadly the greyness turned in to rain which persisted well in to the afternoon. After the best efforts of the Santa Pod track crew we finally managed to get a run in. A creditable 8.86 was a promising start so we prayed to the weather Gods for a good day on Sunday.

Dragster Fire up Road

Waiting for our first run of the day

Sunday morning arrived and as the Sun penetrated the awning we knew our weather prayers had been answered!

The scheduling meant we were out first and although the burnout wasn’t great we ran an 8.66. I did feel a jolt and thought we might have damaged something. Then the penny dropped… …I’d forgotten to change the NOS bottle! Doh! It was completely empty. So armed with a full bottle we went again and ran a new best time of 8.57, but again the burnout seemed a little weak. A number of comments about the amount of grip on the startline and increasing tyre pressures got us thinking so we decided to do the same.  I felt there was still more to come so we looked forward to the last run of the day. An improved burnout a strong launch and an extremely strong run all the way to the finish was a brilliant way to end the meeting. What we didn’t expect was the time, 8.47 at 151.56mph a personal best both in ET and mph!


And this leads me to explain the title of this blog. I have held a desire to build a new car for a number of years and move in a different direction. So I have decided to sell Andromeda to fund the new car. I could not have asked for a better car and am sure the new owner will enjoy the experience as much as I have.

Dragster launch

Perfect launch!




So long for now and I will keep you informed on how we progress.






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