Posted by: nwracing | August 5, 2016

And then all my teeth fell out!

After the euphoria of Dragstalgia it was time to get down to the serious work of stripping the back axle out of the car. I have never done this since I have owned the car so this was new territory for me and I was surprised at how much of the car needed to come apart to get it out. As it turned out I took the diff out of the case which made the whole thing more manageable.

With a certain amount of trepidation I inspected the diff and as you can see from the pictures we have stripped teeth off the crown wheel and damaged the pinion so that is scrap. The teeth were sat in the bottom of the casing and I can only assume that the racing gods were on our side again as incredibly they had not jammed whilst I was running. A situation I fear would not have ended quite as pleasantly as it did.

Broken Crown wheel Broken teeth Diff Bearings Pinnion damage

Just for good measure I checked the bearings to see if we could salvage anything, I was being horribly optimistic. Ho hum, every bearing in the axle is trashed. It appears that the little metal filings you inevitably see from damage like this had been round all of the races so they’re toast as well!

So now we know what we’re facing its time to order all the bearings shims and gaskets. Then I’ll source the gears and axle shafts so we should be back up and running fairly soon, however, because of other commitments outside of racing it is highly likely that we won’t make it out again this season which is slightly irritating, but that’s life as they say.

So it appears that since I decided to sell Andromeda she has reacted a bit like Stephen Kings Christine without the added advantage of repairing herself which would be quite a useful feature; for all drag racers I suspect!

On a slightly different subject a number of people have asked about the website, or lack of one! I have not really got my act together on this and hope to start the process of designing a new site as soon as possible and will let you know when it’s ready.

If you know anyone who would like to read this blog or like our Facebook page please let them know about us. We would love to see them!


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