Posted by: nwracing | July 13, 2016

Is it that time already?

As I write this I realise that it has been a few weeks since our last meeting, the NSRA Nostalgia Nationals. A brilliant meeting with fantastic cars was expected and although the meeting didn’t disappoint our time was somewhat less fun.  We had run the car in the pits and all seemed to be heading the right way. Then, the Xmas tree lights packed up and when we finally got to run it was to be by flag start, just like in the early days of drag racing. Something I’ve never done! So we pulled round to do the burnout and the motor seemed strong however, reversing back it started sounding a little sick and then stopped completely. So we had to tow it all the way back to the pits and investigate. As the rain had set in we decided to call it a day and get up early Sunday. We started by checking everything we could think of, electrical, carb, and fuel all to no avail. So next was to take off the rocker covers and see if we had damaged anything.

It was then we discovered that two lash caps were missing off the top of the valves! This gave us valve clearance you could measure in millimetres! As they had dropped in to the engine there was no alternative but to take it all to pieces and find the caps and see if we had suffered any damage.

Big Block Chevy

All stripped for checking!

So that’s what I have been doing over the last couple of weeks. I decided that if I would strip the motor in the car rather than taking out completely. Although access was reduced I had no trouble in getting the heads and sump off. Both lash caps were sat in the valley and a quick check of the pistons and bearings confirmed that nothing else had happened in the engine so we had been really lucky. The only thing I did do as a precaution was change both valves where the caps had come off.

We think we have identified what caused the issue. In the burnout I noticed the rev counter go quite high and I think we suffered some valve float which spat the caps out. We have now reduced our rev limiter so this doesn’t happen again.

So everything is rebuilt and we’re ready to go. This weekend is Dragstalgia at Santa Pod and we are almost packed up and ready to go.

Race Ready Big Block Chevy

All ready to go racing!

So all I need now is the car to start performing like it should and we will have a fine weekend. I’ll keep you posted!


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