Posted by: nwracing | March 14, 2016

Everything went a bit blurry!

Due to my advancing years, (no comments please!), I decided that continued freezing  of my extremities in the garage had to stop. So off to Machine Mart, and I purchase one of those little jet engine heaters, the sort that uses propane.  And brilliant it is, I have used it to keep me toasty during the winter months without any mishap, until the other day.

After all the machining, manhandling and general use, the engine block and cylinder heads were looking a bit tatty. So it was time for a respray. I don’t do this just for looks it also serves a useful purpose as you can see oil leaks and blowing from the exhausts,etc.

So after taking a long time to mask off the machined surfaces I proceeded to spray the block and heads with fetching red engine enamel. Ideally to cure properly the ambient temperature should be around room temperature which it wasn’t last week so I engaged the assistance of the jet engine heater and get the garage nice and warm for the paint to cure.

Well after about 40 minutes I noticed that everything seemed a little blurry, thinking my eyes were tired I put on my specs, nothing changed…

…even with a mask it appears that the combination of propane fumes and enamel curing creates an unusual mix of gases that is not conducive to health. So I beat a quick exit back in to the house and immediately felt fine. A lesson for the future methinks!

Notwithstanding my little mishap I think you’ll agree that the engine block and cylinder heads look fabulous and the rebuild can continue. The trouble is that new paint makes some of the shiny parts look a bit dull so it’s out with the metal polish!


Big Block Cylinder Heads

Fresh paint makes all the difference


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