Posted by: nwracing | December 7, 2015

Andromeda – 2015 round-up.

Apologies for the radio silence, but with little to report, resorting to regaling you with my moaning about not being able to get to the bottom of our issues, would not I fear make riveting reading.

However, I start this blog with sad news. Shakespeare County Raceway will close after the 2016 season. It appears that finally the opponents of the track and the change in planning laws have finally spelt the death knell of a place I have frequented off and on since 1980.

I will be sad to see the end of racing at Shakey as I have always found it to be a friendly place and my thanks go out to the organisers for their many years of dedication to British Drag Racing. In view of this news it has become even more important to get Andromeda ready for 2016.

Powerglide gearbox

The glide in pieces!

Firstly the gearbox…

… I decided that for the first time I would strip the powerglide. For no other reason than I had the time as I was not racing! Although the case was cracked at the rear the internal components are in perfect working order and the new case is being modified so that it can be rebuilt in the next month or so. This is great news but puzzling as the gearbox was reluctant to engage gear. However, in the absence of any damage I can only clean everything thoroughly and put it all back together.


The engine…

… a strip down revealed significant bearing damage, although the crank will clean up with a polish. The bores also suffered some surface damage which will clean up with a hone. My main concern was that I had made a mistake when clearancing the bearings using my new dial bore gauge.

Big Block Chevy

The remains of the engine

So after some discussion we shipped the whole reciprocating mass to She Devil Racing and consulted with Dave Milam who has been a staunch supporter of our efforts over the years. With the mass of experience Dave has he quickly identified that the cause of the damage was foreign matter that had worked its way round the engine. I was pleased that my bearing clearances were not at fault. In view of the fact that I have had both the engine block and crankshaft machined the fault for this must lay squarely at my door. I just hadn’t cleaned everything thoroughly enough.  So I have left it with Dave for him to clean everything in his huge wash tank!


But, we are still left with a mystery. We lost 25psi of oil pressure and nothing we have seen provides any indication of why this should be the case. So, after Xmas Dave will finish his work and then it is back to me for the rebuild and further investigation to determine the cause.

Finally I must also make an apology. My tow kart blog was widely read, and I thank you all for that. However, I failed to get the final pictures sorted as I have not been able to dig it out the back of the garage. I promise that I will post the pictures as soon as I can!

The great thing is that we are on target to be out in 2016 and I am really looking forward to being out there for the swansong of Shakespeare County Raceway.


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