Posted by: nwracing | May 22, 2015

Andromeda Tow Kart – Part 1

I don’t know why but I have always had a hankering to build my own dragster chassis or custom motorcycle frame, I think it must be the last piece of a vehicle that I have never built. Over the years I have met professional car and motorcycle chassis builders who have all been very helpful and shared their knowledge which has only made me more determined.

However, one of the key pieces of advice the pros all agree on is to start with something that is less critical than a race car chassis or motorcycle frame.

No-one in the race team crew has a hatchback vehicle so towing Andromeda has proved problematic. This gave me an idea for a project so the building a tow kart was hatched.

There are a number of design considerations:

  1. Cost must be low and use as many materials we already possess.
  2. It has to be light so as not to add significant weight to the trailer
  3. Must tow the dragster at 10-15mph
  4. Must have suspension to provide some comfort on the return road at the drag strip.

As I do not possess Solidworks or any other fantastic CAD program it will be designed on the back of a cereal packet as I took Art class not technical drawing in school! So sorry, there will be no fancy renderings to look at.

My hope is that building the tow kart will gain me some of the experience needed to get me that nearer to my goal.

So to begin…

After a couple of purchases off the internet I had some go kart wheels, front and rear axles with all associated bearings.

So the first part of the construction was the rear axle and wishbone. The picture below shows the first part of the construction.

Rear Suspension Arm

The jig you can see the tube clamped to is a motorcycle frame jig I built from free plans from Crime Scene Choppers a couple of years ago. I blame Ron Covell for this! After watching his DVD on how to build a Chopper Chassis I decided this would be my first attempt at fabrication.

Motor Cycle Frame Jig

As it was my first attempt at accurate fabrication it took me months  however, I was pleased with the results and as you can see it provides the perfect platform for building the tow kart. I even had a professional race car fabricator give it the thumbs up!


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