Posted by: nwracing | June 3, 2014

Andromeda Engine Refit


The rebuild of the dragster continues and progress has been pretty rapid considering that we are now treble checking every single thing we do to. After fitting the gearbox and all the steering we were on to the last few items to fit on the engine such as the starter motor, alternator and electrical sensors.

As you can see from the pictures we achieved a lot in the day and I was able to check all the electrical connections and earth points. The wiring has evolved over the years and it is nowhere as near as neat as I would like it. I did consider ripping it all out and starting again but this would not have helped us identify any faults that had been hanging over from our previous attempt to get the engine running, even though the guys at Connectomotive had offered to help. So I undertook a quick tidy up and replacement of any wire or connector that looked anything like dodgy.

Powerglide gearbox fitted

Steering and gearbox fitted

dragster steering

Andromeda steering fitted










Of the things that concerned me the most the loss of oil pressure for what appeared to be no apparent reason was ever present. In view of this we decide that we would get the engine in such a position where we could use the oil pump primer and see if we could make decent oil pressure. After all if this did not work we need to strip the bottom of the motor out again and replace the oil pump.

With the ignition system on the oil pressure light shone brightly and I slowly started turning the oil pump primer with the cordless drill. At first there was little resistance but then the drill noise changed as it started to have to do some work and the oil light went straight out. Even better the oil pressure gauge showed about 25psi! To make sure we hadn’t fluked it we checked it a few times more and every time the oil pressure built up really fast.

So the first hurdle has been passed and we have oil pressure back where we need it.

Next jobs are to set the valve lash, fit the fuel lines and the ignition and then we should be in good shape to start the engine. I have made the decision to leave the water system off the engine during our start up as we can fit this quite easily once we have established that the engine fires and runs.

Once again a massive thanks to Chris Hudson and Julie Summers for giving up their time and helping me get the car ready.

We’re almost there…   I hope…  Watch this space!


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