Posted by: nwracing | May 26, 2014

Andromeda Dragster Engine rebuild – The finale! (I hope)

It has been some time since I posted about the dragster as work commitments and other requirements have prevented either myself or the crew from getting anywhere near the garage to refit the engine but last Sunday we seized our chance and after waking at 5.00am and getting all of my household chores completed I was ready.

Due to lack of space I had chosen to build my engine in the conservatory, not ideal, but necessary as I could keep the area very clean. One drawback is that I can’t take the engine directly off the engine stand and in to the garage. So our first task is to get the engine off the engine stand and on to another stand that will fit through a normal width door. It fits through with about 2mm to spare!

At this point engine crane and engine are reunited ready to go in the dragster. This sounds a little bit of a faff bit in reality takes about 15 minutes.

Engine Stand

Off one stand and on to the other!

Ready to fit the engine

The engine is almost ready



Engine almost in!

The engine is almost in!









Next job is to fit the powerglide gearbox which is achieved by manhandling it in to position over the top of the chassis rails. In the past this has been problematic with it not quite lining up with the rear axle however, this time it went in without any problem. Clearly the garage fairy was looking after us!


Engine fitted

Engine in…
Gearbox next!



After this everything went back on the car in double quick time and by about 4 o’clock we called it a day.

In view of the problems we experienced trying to run the engine up last year I want to go through all the wiring with a fine tooth comb. Only then will we try to fire the engine.

Only a short blog this time but I am going to try and get the car started in the next couple of weekends. I might even try to video it!


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