Posted by: nwracing | February 27, 2014

Oil Pumps and all that!

Well so far so good…

…all the new bearings have been checked and fitted and copious amounts of Lucas Assembly Lube and Childs and Albert assembly oil for the pistons. Everything turns over smoothly and nothing unexpected has turned up.

As I said before one of the things that is vital, is trying to understand why the engine did not start and the loss of oil pressure. It is the latter that I am most concerned with whilst rebuilding the engine and if the pistons are the lungs of an engine then the oil pump is definitely the heart.

I have used Melling Oil Pumps for ever and having never suffered a failure in all those years but, that being said it is always possible so even though the pump was new for this version of the engine it was still a prime suspect. I did call a couple of professional race engine builders to see if they had suffered any similar problems and they confirmed the reliability of these pumps.

So I decided that it should be stripped down and checked, even though a new one is £50. I was sincerely hoping that something would be found in order to finally put to bed the mystery of the oil pressure drop.

Well if you take a look at the pictures the pump is in rude health!!!

There is no discernible wear, no damage to the gears or the casing and the oil pressure relief valve is free to move.

Melling High Volume Oil Pump

Stripped Melling High Volume Oil Pump

Oil Pump Gear

Perfect Oil Pump Gear

Oil Pump Relief Valve

Relief Valve in pump body

I am now totally confused, although I am £50 better off.  

What I am coming round to is the possibility that this whole situation may be an electrical gremlin. The oil pressure gauge and the oil warning light are electrical. I think that what I might do is to get a manual oil pressure gauge so that I can be absolutely rule out an engine based problem.

Next job is to strip down the System 1 Oil filter and see if this has contributed to my problems.

As I write this the weather forecaster whilst very pretty is telling me to get ready for snow and cold, which means I will probably wimp out for a couple of days before tackling the next jobs on the motor.


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