Posted by: nwracing | January 20, 2014

Andromeda – Engine rebuild part 1

After the disaster we had with the engine last year this year is not going to be a repeat. Everything is going to be checked, double checked and then checked again just to be absolutely sure. One of the first priorities for the engine rebuild was to have the crank polished. A crank polish is not the same as a regrind as this is usually involves taking around ¼ millimetre off the bearing diameter. Our crank only needs the fine scratches removed which is pretty good considering the loss of oil pressure and years of race abuse it has endured.

After calling a few friends for some recommendations on who best to polish the crank, I went to see the guys at Halesowen Engines; telephone 0121 550 3211. Not only are they committed petrol heads but great engineers to boot. The result is fabulous and the whole process has removed a microscopic amount of material and restored the crank to ‘as new’ condition.  Judging by the standard of their work I would recommend them to you as they also do all forms of engine balancing, machining and reconditioning.

Polished Andromeda drag racing car crank

Polished crankshaft

Even though only a tiny amount of material has been removed a complete measure of the crank dimensions and bearings will be required and the whole motor will need to be blueprinted again.

So now it is off to clean everything to within inches of its life and get ready to fit a new set of bearings and clearance them. As it is freezing in the garage I am not looking forward to sitting there for hours doing this but it is essential for the life of the engine.

The oil pump has also been disassembled and inspection has not revealed any problems however, as this is a relatively inexpensive component it will be replaced just to remove it from the equation as a potential issue.

In other news I decided to take a few parts off the dragster and remake them in lightweight aluminium. So a new coil bracket has been made and aluminium bushes turned up for the torque converter. Well at least that was the plan. Half way through making the bushes my 3 phase converter went bang! With some trepidation I removed the cover for the electrical converter and found that one of the capacitors had exploded, depositing sticky resin on the inside of the case and welding itself to its neighbour! To be fair I have had the converter for over 10 years so I can’t moan.

Asynchrous motor capacitors

Blown capacitor!

New capacitors are on order so hopefully I will be able to finish off the turning… soon!

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