Posted by: nwracing | January 14, 2014

2013 ‘Annus Horribilis’

I decide to write this as I sit on my sofa looking at parts of my engine and decide on what I need to rebuild for the 2014 season.

But, I do want to reflect on 2013 and what I can only describe as my ‘annus horribilis’

If you’ve read my blogs over the year you will know that we had so many problems with the dragster engine that we ended up calling it a day.  Added to this my ’mans best friend, Jack’ was taken from me and this left quite a big space in my life.

So after moping about it is now time to look forward to the 2014 season and what the NWRacing team have planned.

First thing is to get the dragster engine repaired.

We still don’t know what caused the engine bearing damage or why the engine would not fire properly. Fortunately, I have access to some great engine builders in the UK and US and their information, knowledge and support is proving invaluable.  As always, we intend to build the engine ourselves and this is important to us as part of our racing philosophy…

… but it is being sorely tested at the moment!

Secondly, as we have sponsorship from Connectomotive automotive wiring we are going to rewire Andromeda. Over the years we have added to the original wiring so this is a great opportunity.

And finally we are going to build a four wheel kart to tow the dragster to and from the track, which should be interesting!

So we are looking forward with renewed optimism in 2014.

Watch this space and we will let you know how it goes!

As always we would love to see you at the track. To find out where we will be watch the website  for the meeting schedule which will be finalised in February.


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