Posted by: nwracing | September 12, 2013

Blue Peter skills to the rescue!

As we are waiting for the new carb base to arrive from the States there is not a lot to do on Andromeda. However, one of the things I wanted to look at was the throttle cable bracket. The reason; the old was one warped and may have been causing some of our problems.

After a quick trawl round the web I found a number of billet aluminium brackets that would be ok for us with some modification. However, they all cost in the region of £80, ouch! As much as I like shiny new bits for the race car paying this sort of money for a bracket I was then going to have to chop up for our purposes, was enough to give me heart palpitations.

So, after a bit of head scratching I thought it might be possible to make one. (see pictures)

Stage 1: template prepared out of my best cardboard. As the carb is a double pumper there is an accelerator pump on both float bowls. That is why there is the shepherd’s crook shape on the one end. I think my time watching Blue Peter as a child had far more of an impact than I realised!

Stage 2: transfer pattern to aluminium and start hacksawing. This takes ages but it is satisfying to see the pattern taking shape.

Stage 3: flap wheel in end of drill and smooth all the lumps and bumps from the hacksawing. Depending on how good you want the finished article this can be a long or short process. As I like my stuff to look good this has been done over a couple of days.

Stage 4: trial fit and modify accordingly. As we have the Nitrous system and all manner of stuff around the carb this is the bit that is took the most time.

Carb bracket template Almost finished

So after all this work I have a bracket that fits and clears everything. Now I need to make the little bracket to hold the actual cable and then it is all done.

I suspect that if you add up the hours it has taken to make this then £80 for a factory bracket seems like good value but my time in the evening is free and I have the satisfaction of knowing that it fits perfectly straight off.

Perhaps like most impoverished racers I would prefer to spend the money on something that makes the car go faster not just another shiny bit!


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