Posted by: nwracing | July 15, 2013

We will not be beaten!

If you’ve followed the saga of the difficulties we have had with the engine rebuild in the dragster you will know by now that we have something of a torrid time with unexpected issues arising at every turn.

However, the crew have been fantastic giving up valuable leisure time to get stuck in, even in some of the best weather we have seen for a number of years. Let me assure you it is no fun being in a hot garage underneath a car that is throwing more tantrums than a child going through the terrible ‘2s.”

I would also like to say that they have kept me going when frankly I have wanted to throw the towel in. Over the years I have built many engines but have never had the catalogue of problems we have endured with this build.

After putting the carburetor back together for the third time, now with the new base-plate and throttle cable assembly finished we were more than happy that we had cured any possible issue with what we believed was a large air leak. As you can see from the picture the whole assembly turned out quite well and surprisingly gave us a little more room to work which was an unexpected, but welcome unintended consequence.


Carb and bracket installed

So after checking again Andromeda was wheeled out in to the sun and we progressed through our start up procedure with all appearing to be well.

First stab of the start button and nothing…! Absolutely gutted would be an understatement. However, undeterred we went through everything again just to check and tried again, still nothing, but we persevered and tried to start it again. Then I noticed that the oil pressure light did not extinguish! A quick further check revealed that we had lost oil pressure which probably was the one thing we did not want to see.

One of the issues with an engine that does not start is that you are spending a lot of time cranking on the starter motor and this is not a good thing for a new motor so it is clear that we have damaged some or all of the bearings and this means only one thing, engine out and rebuild!

The upshot of all of this is that we are out for the rest of 2013 season which is especially gutting given the amount of work and effort by everyone involved. A lot of people had also expressed interest in coming to see us and this has made the whole experience that much more frustrating as we promised they would see so much and we have not delivered.


Racing sometimes does this to you and after a short break from working on the car we will strip it down, identify the problem and be out in 2014. We will not be beaten!


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