Posted by: nwracing | June 22, 2013

That sinking feeling…

The saga with Andromeda’s engine rebuild seems to twist and turn more times than a Sir Arthur Conan Doyle penned Sherlock Holmes plot.

So where are we now?

The carb kit arrived during the week and it was rebuilt and everything looked fine. There were no obvious blockages or any sort of debris we could find, even using the powerful magnifier we usually reserve for close examination of spark plugs.

So the next task to do before we fitted the carburettor again was to check the engine timing. The fuel pumps, fan and water pump were disconnected and the timing light was connected. An initial check showed we were at about 34 degrees which is where we normally run the engine but in view of the difficulties we had been having we thought we would soften this to a more manageable 15 degrees. After a bit of fiddling we got it absolutely spot on. So it was back to fitting the carb and all the linkages.

All was going well as I was tightening the nuts to fix the carb to the manifold when I felt something give. Initially it felt like a stud was pulling out of the intake manifold so I marked the studs to see if they turned. Well they didn’t move, so tightening further to correct to the right torque seemed the right thing to do, but then a loud crack emanated from the intake manifold area.

With a growing sense of despondency firmly descending I checked round to see if there was anything obvious. My greatest fear had been realised, one of the ears of the carburettor had broken off rendering all my rebuilding work utterly useless. You can see the damage in the picture.

Broken Carb

So what’s next?

Well, a quick trawl on the internet revealed a replacement billet base plate available in the US which is now on order. The only downside is that it won’t be with us until the middle of July so we miss another two meetings.


This may be the cure for all of our problems. Fingers crossed!!!


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