Posted by: nwracing | June 19, 2013

Engine Woes …. Andromeda is not well!

If you’ve been following the saga with the engine and the fuel system you will know by now that we have been getting rid of all the gremlins that seem to have appeared after we changed to the new engine block. After some weeks everything now fitted as it was supposed to and it was time to start the engine.

So with the fuel pressure reset to take account of the new fuel pump, the carburettor rebuilt, and all of the clearances rechecked I jumped in the driver’s seat pushed the start button and pumped the throttle to get some initial fuel in to the motor as we don’t have any form of choke mechanism and there was a few puffs of smoke and then the engine fired. We’re off or so I thought…

Almost immediately the motor died and no amount of coaxing would get it to start again. The problem appeared to be fuel starvation. If we poured fuel in to the manifold it would start briefly but as soon as any throttle was applied it died. So we checked everything again and could not find anything obviously wrong.

After two hours of trying to get it to go we gave up and went for a beer; sometimes it is better to walk away, think about it and then come back with fresh eyes.

Everything has now been checked again and what we appear to have is a massive air leak somewhere which means that any vacuum produced by the engine to get the carburettor to get a signal for the main jets is not happening.

So we have taken off the carburettor, the intake manifold and all the fuel system again and will replace all the gaskets and try again.

Whilst all of this is frustrating there is a saying which does apply here:- ‘if it was easy everyone would be doing it.’ So another long weekend in the garage is on the cards.

To be continued…


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