Posted by: nwracing | June 10, 2013

Plumbing Nightmares Part 2…

Well, the fuel pump and its new fittings all looked fantastic on the bench and when we placed it in its new home all looked good until we started putting on the fittings to the carburetor. The fuel fitting ran perilously close to the crank pulley and this is never going to be a good thing. So after a little bit of head scratching a new plan was hatched to move the fuel pumps round so that the new pump would sit up against the chassis rails and the NOS fuel pump would sit next to it. The idea being that the NOS Holley fuel pump is smaller and would move the fitting further away from the crank pulley and to the left of it, a much safer option.

If you’ve never built any form of bracket for a car or bike or aren’t old enough to have enjoyed Blue Peter on television, then you won’t be aware of the fact that you can build almost anything from toilet rolls and cornflake packets!

So after raiding the cereal cupboard it was out with the scissors and sellotape to make a mock up. As an aside, if you’ve ever wondered why chassis builders charge what they do try making a complicated bracket and see how long it takes you.

After a few hours in the workshop and transferred to 3mm steel, I trial fitted the pumps and the bracket. It need a number of adjustments not least of all captured nuts to fit the whole thing in to the car but was then ready for painting and the fitting. The results of these labours can be seen in the photos and I think it has turned out quite well. Now it is on to setting the carb and fuel pressures and getting the engine running properly, fingers crossed..!

Fuel Pump Bracket Pumps fitted to bracket All fitted!


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