Posted by: nwracing | May 30, 2013

The new fuel pump arrives!

We left the last blog with Andromeda having thrown everything at us and deciding that enough was enough. So after completely stripping the carb and finding quite a lot of dirt in it, which is surprising considering that we filter the fuel before we put it in the tank and have a filter after the fuel pump, it was put back together and is now awaiting fitting.

The fuel system, however is another matter. The new fuel pump arrived (see picture) and should have sufficient capacity to cope with anything we can throw at it. It is an Aeromotive A2000 drag racing fuel pump which has a capacity of 350 gallons per hour! Whilst not cheap this gives us a much better and more importantly stable fuel pressure and volume, so will stop the engine leaning out at the end of the run. On the old system we found out that the float bowls were virtually empty at the end of the quarter mile. Not good; and as one professional engine builder put it, we were ‘close the edge of disaster.’

A2000 fuel pump

What experience has taught me over the years is not to push my luck this is why we needed to make the change.

So with the shiny new fuel pump we were all set to make the new brackets and get the fuel fittings we needed. However, what I hadn’t realised or budgeted for, was that the pump needs a pre-filter, which is specifically designed for this pump. So this is now on order and I’ll give you an update as soon as it arrives.



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