Posted by: nwracing | May 24, 2013

Andromeda throws a hissy fit…!

Firstly, I would like to apologise for the radio silence, no excuses, just that being busy and trying to earn a living in the current climate has taken somewhat of a front seat!

Anyway, back to what’s been happening with Andromeda…

We finally completed the engine and prepared for the first time fire up. I don’t know how others feel about first time starting but I have always been a little apprehensive with this procedure. A bit like an expectant father waiting for baby!  So with fuel in the tank all the electrics, oil and water checked it was time to hit the starter.

So with baited breath, I pushed the start button! Expecting the big Chevy engine to turn over I was more than disappointed with the clicking sound from the starter solenoid. So off we went, checking everything again and we found nothing!

At this point I was getting more than a little frustrated and the only thing left was the battery. But this was new Optima battery that had sat in my front room for three months, so how could it be the problem (I have used Optima batteries for years without any issues whatsoever)? Anyway, the battery was put on charge and looked like it needed charging. When I returned to the battery there was a pool of water, or what I thought was water around the car. As I started to clean it up I realised it was battery acid. But when I inspected the battery there was no apparent damage. So removing it from the car I charged it again. Within five minutes there was a pool of acid on the floor. So the battery was duff. I rang the supplier who denied any responsibility, my entire fault you see, so was left with the only option to buy another. Not from the same supplier I might add!

Anyway, 24 hours later a shiny new Optima was fitted to the car and immediately the car started, but boy did it run really badly, there was fuel pouring out of the carb, out of the exhausts and sprayed the garage walls! So, the only option was to take it apart, which we did and could not find anything wrong, so back on it went and now we could no fuel in to the engine at all. The only way to keep it running was to pump the throttle madly!

So, we now have the carb in pieces, and I really do mean pieces, and will rebuild it over this week (See the picture below).

Holley Carb

We also have a new fuel pump on order as the old one is showing its age and appears to be contributing to the issues we have.

The upshot of all of this is that we will miss our race meeting this weekend at Shakespeare County Raceway which has seriously hacked off me and all the crew. I will keep you posted on progess…


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