Posted by: nwracing | September 27, 2012

Nitrous Oxide and the Fast and the Furious!

If I had a £1 every time someone said to me that Nitrous Oxide causes your engine to blow up I would be living on a lovely Caribbean island surrounded by palm trees and the sound of waves lapping on my private beach.

Sadly, there are a lot of bar racers, you’ve seen them holding court, propping up the bar, beer in one hand, telling anyone that will listen about their mate, or a mate of a mate who put NOS on his car or bike and then blew it up. Inevitably the conversation shifts to the Fast and the Furious and it becomes clear that they have used this film as a guide for tuning their Nitrous kit!

So firstly let’s answer the question. Does Nitrous Oxide cause your engine to blow up? The answer is categorically NO. What does happen is that a system malfunction or badly tuned systems can cause melted pistons and engine blow ups. But before you say… ‘told you so’, this is no different to fitting superchargers, turbochargers or any other form of tuning and herein lies the problem. In its simplest form a Nitrous Oxide kit is so easy to fit that anyone can do it in a couple of hours, you usually don’t have to take your engine to bits and requires little knowledge.

I have an example of someone who had a 1.3 litre (80cu in) motor producing 90bhp and wanted to add 150bhp in NOS! No matter how much I tried to explain what he would need to do to his engine to even get close and that 40bhp would be a better target he would not have it. I never did find out if he tried, possibly not as I would have heard the bang from 50 miles away!

This is where the problems start. I have Nitrous jets for my kit that will give me a theoretical 800bhp hit and I can fit them in about 30mins!  And if the right parts were in my engine and it was tuned properly it might just work. This is the important part, tuning and the right parts! Oh and a big one, especially if using a US kit is maintenance. The solenoids are not particularly sophisticated and do require attention. Not difficult but it does need to be done.

One company, the UK based Wizards of NOS produce solenoids that are guaranteed for life and need no maintenance. This is a major plus and would be worth serious consideration if you want a hassle free NOS system.

So if you fancy fitting NOS to your car or bike please do me a favour, go to a professional who can help you select the right kit and assist in tuning it so you get the maximum enjoyment and let me assure you of one thing, forget the Hollywood version of NOS the real thing is way much better!


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