Posted by: nwracing | August 8, 2012

Blocks Away Part 2!!

It’s been a few weeks since my last blog, apologies for this but rebuilding the engine for the Andromeda dragster came to a full stop. One of the important jobs when fitting the crank is measuring bearing clearances. Now I don’t do this that often, maybe once or twice a year and usually there are no problems  however, on this occasion there was no way I could get anything like right. Half a thou on the front and 2 and a half thousands of an inch at the rear.  What I needed was  2 to 2 and a half thou across all of them. At this point I started doubting myself so the block was packed in to the back of my Landy and off we went to Sussex to SDR Services to see Dave Milam. Sadly he confirmed I was right, I was hoping I’d done something wrong.

There was only one thing for it a line bore to get all the housing the right side. A quick call to Dave Powell at Performance Unlimited in North Yorkshire and we were off. Now to cut a long story short the line bore was actually a line hone, much better so I’m told! Peter Knight from Knight Racing Services kindly picked the block up for me as he was going past. So after a little delay the block was back.

I must just say a massive thanks to Dave Milam, Peter Knight and Dave Powell. These guys are stars and I can’t recommend them highly enough.

All ready for the rebuild finally! 

I have already checked the clearances and they are all fine so it is on with the rebuild.


Next time….                       ….using my newly purchased piston ring filer!





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