Posted by: nwracing | July 31, 2012

Bill Grumpy Jenkins

Without pioneers like Bill ‘Grumpy’ Jenkins Drag Racing as we know it would not exist.

Kustoms and Choppers Magazine

As most of you recognize Drag Racing Legend Bill “Grumpy” Jenkins’ passed away back in March of this Year. Grumpy Jenkins was most likely by way the most Innovative Pro Stock Drag Racer of all time! Even additional Innovative than the Professor himself; Warren Johnson! He helped pioneer several innovations within the motorsport creating things like the kick oil pan, strut front suspension, cool cans, electrical water pump fans, slick shift manual transmissions and his biggest innovation of all was most likely his Gas Ported Pistons.

He was nicknamed Grumpy for his “no nonsense” attitude at the strip and his Mannerisms of always keeping a straight face, forever carrying shades and Puffing a Cigar while making every single pass.

Jenkins was additionally known for having quite a hive of cars and all of them were appropriately  nicknamed “Grumpy’s Toy” though these machines were anything but toys. They were…

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