Posted by: nwracing | June 18, 2012

Blocks Away!

After taking a break from racing last year we decided that in order to go quicker we needed to increase the amount of Nitrous Oxide we inject so it was time to think about what we needed to freshen the motor. On strip down a number of issues with the block presented themselves. After nearly ten years of racing it was looking very tired and we made the decision to replace it. So the old block has now become a coffee table for one of the team. Bloody heavy table!  After a quick call to Knight Racing Services we secured a 4 bolt main block which was ready to go or so we thought. The rebuild was about to begin and I rang Peter Knight to ask for some clarification on some torque values and am so glad I did.

Whilst talking I mentioned the amount of Nitrous we wanted to inject.  Unfortunately we had gone a bit awry in the communication department and the block had not been honed to the right dimensions for the amount of NOS we wanted to inject and needed further wall to piston clearance. So plans on hold, of it went back to Daventry for the re hone.

Knight Racing Services kindly completed the work in double quick time and I collected it ready to go back in to the workshop.

And so it is now back on the engine stand waiting for us to get our fingers out and start the rebuild. Only one small problem, our new piston ring filer has not arrived from the US so we are anxiously waiting for this before the rebuild can begin in anger.

Good job the weather has been bad or we would be seriously fed up!


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